Eros and the Eschaton: Weight of Matter

Weight of Matter is a confident new turn for Eros and the Eschaton and suggests that, now a five-piece, they're just getting started.
Eros and the Eschaton
Weight of Matter

When we last heard from Eros and the Eschaton on 2013’s Home Address For Civil War, the band consisted of duo Kate Perdoni and Adam Hawkins making gauzy pop tunes in North Carolina. Since then, they’ve relocated to Colorado Springs and expanded into a five-piece. The change is evident on the group’s solid new record, Weight of Matter. Opener “OMG I AM” hearkens back to the first record, hinting at more dreamy layers. The rest of the record breaks from that, filling up these charged tunes with crashing drums and blown-out guitars. Songs like “The Way I Feel Tonight” or the epic “Center of the World” take the established hazy sensibility and slice it up with buzzsaw guitars, pitting the sweet against the downright frenzied. Weight of Matter is at its best when the band finds a tense balance between these two extremes, like on “Rxx” when the keys soften the intense warble of the vocals and the thick bed of distorted guitars. There are moments where the balance tips, where “Long Shot” threatens to get lost in its own fog, or where “Bop Shoo Bop” thins out the crunch of guitars a bit. Overall, though, Weight of Matter is a solid rock record, one that marks a confident new turn for Eros and the Eschaton and suggests that, as a five-piece, they’re just getting started.

RATING 6 / 10