Eva Cassidy - "Take Me to the River" (video) (premiere)

The late, great blues singer/guitarist tears through a soul classic recorded in 1996.

Since her death at the tragically young age of 33, Eva Cassidy's music sales have exceeded ten million, including three number one albums in the UK, with Adele citing her as an influence and inspiration.

On 11 December Blix Street Records will release Nightbird (pre-order here) a two-CD, 31-song live performance recorded at the Blues Alley jazz club in Washington, DC on 3 January, 1996. A live clip of her tearing through the Al Green classic "Take Me to the River" can be seen below.

"We are releasing Nightbird to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Eva Cassidy's January 3, 1996 Blues Alley performances," says Blix Street president Bill Straw. "The 12 Blues Alley recordings included on Live At Blues Alley, Eva's first solo album, proved to be the foundation of her unparalleled worldwide posthumous career. All of the performances recorded that night are included on Nightbird, and I've never heard anything that approaches the sheer vocal excellence of these one-night, one-take performances."

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