Photo: Summer Dorr

Ever More Nest’s “Gimme That” Music Video Sets the Scene for Halloween (premiere)

Inundated by ghoulish imagery, Ever More Nest's latest music video drops in timely fashion as songwriter Kelcy Mae reflects on a very real fear in the form of addiction.

Inundated by grim phantasms of skeletons and crows, Ever More Nest’s “Gimme That” sets the scene for Halloween. Kelcy Mae’s newest endeavor is planted musically somewhere between New Orleans zest and Tennessee cool, riding that line into a new blend of Americana to titillate. It’s a multi-layered experience from a thematic lens, as well. For example, Ever More Nest’s newest music video more or less embraces the ghoulish nature of festivities that pervade the month of October. Of course, it’s not a moment too soon either. With that said, it takes a more serious route in regards to the overall nature of the song.

Mae tells PopMatters, “For me, ‘Gimme That’ centers on the concept of addiction—whether it be an addiction to drugs and alcohol or even to an idea or desire. You seek that fix, that high, but it’s never quite enough. It inevitably leads to disappointment, dissatisfaction, pain—a nasty cycle. Musically and lyrically, I think the song reflects the frustratingly repetitive nature of the disease, a cycle insanely difficult to break out of.”

Ever More Nest’s “Gimme That” is from its forthcoming album, That Place That You Call Home. Produced by Neilson Hubbard, the LP is set for release sometime later this year. The video was created and directed by Sarah Devlin.

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