Evie Sands
Photo: Courtesy of Conqueroo

Singer-Songwriter Evie Sands Offers a Powerful Single “The Truth Is in Disguise” (premiere)

Evie Sands’ first full-length album in two decades is giving the storied artist a new lease on life. The soulful, gritty, and hard-hitting lead single makes the case.

Evie Sands has spent decades creating forward-thinking rock music, attracting the attention and admiration of everyone from Dusty Springfield to Beck, and now culminating in her latest release, Get Out of Your Own Way, due on 23 April via R-Spot Records. (You may have heard Sands’ own version of the Chip Taylor composition “Angel of the Morning” a time or two. It’s a track she recorded in the mid-1960s.)

The latest album finds the veteran performer in fine form, as evidenced by her latest single, “The Truth Is in Disguise”.” Though it’s easiest to categorize it as straight-up, rollicking rock ‘n’ roll, one hears hints of R&B and soul music embedded deep in the track’s DNA. It’s strong, dramatic, and delivered with the particular authority that Sands brings to her recordings, demonstrating that her dedication to her craft is firmly intact. Longtime fans will find plenty to celebrate here, while newcomers will invariably scramble to catch themselves up with the artist’s rich history.

“It came on as an insistent, powerful feeling with lyrics and impressionistic imagery intertwined inside a solid guitar pulse,” Sands says. “The song seemed to come through me from another place in time, but deep down, I felt it was my inner voice speaking to me with a sense of urgency. The words echo a message about not being taken in by appearances and shiny things—all of it riding on the energetic guitar parts and spirited guitar-riff. I heard the backing vocal lines playing in my head like a chorus-of-conscience beware of believers, fueled by passion. When the song was finished, I knew my inner self was reminding my outer self to step up, be aware in everyday life and, in a larger sense, of the world around me. Bringing it to the band and taking it in the studio was incredibly exhilarating as the recording brought all the song’s imperative to life in three-dimensions.”