Extravision Explores Emotional Growth with "The Fear of Missing Out" (premiere)

Photo: Anna Larina

Iowa solo/collaborative project Extravision gets space-y psych-y on track from upcoming debut album.

Extravision is the project of Ryan Stier (the River Monks, Annalibera). Based in Des Moines, Iowa, Stier conceived of the band as a psychedelic exploration in the vein of the Steve Miller Band and the War on Drugs, a vibe evident on the single "The Fear of Missing Out", culled from the debut album, Waking Up, due out 16 February. Having built the album up slowly, over a three-year-plus period, Stier notes that he's still finding nuances in the music. It is a part of a period of growth that he experienced during the record's prolonged gestation and, he adds, it's evident on "The Fear of Missing Out".

"As I was writing that song, I began to focus on big-picture realizations I was having," he offers, "such as recognizing and overcoming conditioned fears I had built up for my first 28 years. This song came from wanting to think about death in a pleasant way, what I imagine might happen when we die and realizing that everyone in my life, friend and enemy, is important in my growth as a human."

Joining Stier in the project are Ben Dixon, Tommy Boynton, Trent Derby, Graham Howland, Luke Rauch, Drew Rauch, Kyle Gowin, and Nicholas Frampton, musicians who are as dedicated to Stier's meditative explorative vision as he is, amid music that weaves warm, spacy guitars with ethereal voices and loops.

Waking Up may be pre-ordered ahead of its 16 February release.

01 Heart Is a Nest of Snakes
02 The Dark Where I Could Only Hear
03 The Fear of Missing Out
04 Moments of Silence
05 Still, Up in the Clouds
06 What I Will Become
07 Waking Up
08 Moments of Clarity

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