F.Y.I. - "Hueman" (audio) (premiere)

The LA rapper delivers a strong, thoughtful message on his new track.

Los Angeles rapper F.Y.I. releases his new EP Age / Sex / Location today, and you can hear the track "Hueman" below. Combining clever wordplay with a strong message to listeners that there's a lot more to individuals than mere black and white. Couple that with a strong, boisterous backing arrangement, and you've got yourself a potent track.

"'Hueman' sounds like revolution," he tells PopMatters "It's raw. It's rap meets rock, but not in a corny or forced way. Live guitar was fitting on a track like this. It's an anthem for people that want to express themselves without being boxed in. It's part of my message over mayhem mantra. All the people that follow my music and like what I represent, I call them "Huemans." By combining the words 'hue' and 'man' I'm saying people are colorful, not one dimensional as sometimes presented in in this very black and white world we live in. I ultimately want a rap crew called Huemans which consists of me and like minded rappers and producers. I felt it was appropriate to make a statement song about the idea behind the name and that's how the concept and song was created. 'Hueman' is edgy and energetic, so I'm super charged to see how people will react to it."

Purchase Age / Sex / Location via iTunes.

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