Fabriq - "Electric Flow" (audio) (premiere)

Fabriq updates '70s disco and funk sounds with an electropop sheen and creates an exciting first single in "Electric Flow".

Fabriq (Daniel Davila and Cooper Bell) is a new dance pop/funk duo from Los Angeles who blend live instrumentation with programmed electronic beats in an effort resurrect '70s disco and funk sounds. The result is pure dance magic. "Electric Flow" is the group's first single and it's an instantly memorable dance pop confection, all full of glittery disco balls, slinky funk guitar, and beats that just don't quit. However, "Electric Flow" is thoroughly contemporary and fresh with its electropop sheen. Los Angeles is ground center these days for artists re-imaging funk and disco with the venerable Dam-Funk looming large over the LA scene. Based on this successful first single, look for Fabriq to make ever bigger waves on dance floors as the summer comes into view.

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