Fabrizio Cammarata - "In the Cold" (video) (premiere)

Photo: Dodo Veniziano

Fabrizio Cammarata teams up with acclaimed director Luca Lucchesi to produce a compelling one-shot take of a woman's journey to liberate herself from her own mind.

"Desire of vicinity and necessity of abandon. A woman tries to escape from the scenario within her own mind. One movement, a simple trajectory," says director Luca Lucchesi.

This about sums up the gentle torrent of complex beauty that streams from Palermo singer-songwriter Fabrizio Cammarata's latest music video. Shot in one take, the captivating production follows the journey of a woman liberating herself from the confines of her own reflections. The music, written and performed by Cammarata and produced by Dani Castelar (R.E.M., Paolo Nutini), is equally as emotionally vibrant, bittersweet, and ultimately freeing. According to Cammarata, it's all based on a true story.

"Even in the most real-life-inspired songs I tend to mix different people, stories, places," says Cammarata. "The truthfulness always gives way to the mise-en-scene, where my priority is the effectiveness of the message to be delivered. With few exception, like In the Cold."

"Everything I'm telling has truly happened, those words have been spoken, she was indeed shaking like a leaf, and I actually gave my house keys to a person whom I didn't know at all."

"Pure trust, sometimes you have to do that, a leap of faith. And sometimes it proves wrong, but that's what this research on shadows is about."

The video is based on a song from off of On Shadows, Cammarata's latest LP that was released on 17 November 2017.

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