Photo courtesy of the band

Fatherson Rip Through the Anthemic “The Landscape” in Live Video (premiere)

Scotland's Fatherson blend their characteristic anthemic poignancy with unpredictable, dynamic experimentation on "The Landscape".

As featured in our “Brits in Hot Weather” series, we are delighted to be premiering the new live video from Kilmarnock-based band, Fatherson. The video sees the band powerfully rip through the track “The Landscape” taken from their superb new album The Sum of All Your Parts.

As with the rest of the songs on the album, the band demonstrate a deftness of touch as they scrape and scratch at the edges of their sound, pulling it in unexpected directions and leading it down unexplored paths. Buttressed by a sturdy, rumbling bassline and pounding drums, the song switches from a widescreen, euphoric charge to intuitive, idling breakdowns. Like a car moving between sets of traffic lights that flit between amber and green.

Musically, “The Landscape” encapsulates everything that is great about Fatherson as they blend their characteristic anthemic poignancy with unpredictable, dynamic experimentation. Unsurprising, then, that the song took a while to get right, as frontman Ross Leighton explains:

“‘The Landscape’ has been around since before the second album, I wrote that song a long time ago, it’s had a couple of iterations to get it to this final thing, decided that we should give it another proper go, here, because it felt the kind of song that would fit really well on this album. My favourite part of the whole album right is the third verse middle 8 of this, super different from anything we’ve done before.”

The Sum of All Your Parts is out now.