Fences Takes Listeners on "A Mission" (premiere)

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Christopher Mansfield has been praised for his songwriting skills in the past and the latest single from him (as Fences) crystalizes the promise he's displayed before.

"A Mission" is the latest single from Seattle's Fences. The song is further testament to Christopher Mansfield's deeply emotional and expressive songwriting. Whereas pop music has become derided for devolving into explorations of the vacuous and inane, writers such as Mansfield remind us that pop can still be spiritual, sublime, its expressive qualities capable of elevating the spirits and challenging our preconceptions about art of any kind.

Mansfield says, "In 1959 Jack Kerouac appeared on The Steve Allen Show. In the interview he said it took him three weeks to write On The Road but was on the road for seven years. Nearly 60 years later this hit me. Life is long and art is short. It gave me a sense of relief in the fact it takes me some time to release new music. I can't write what I haven't seen with my own eyes. Most days I would trade this obsession with normalcy and happiness but paint can be toxic and paintings so beautiful. 'A Mission' is the first song to be released off Failure Sculptures. The video was made by my dear friend Cheyenne Randall. I am scared half to death. I love you all so much."

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