Feverbones Encourages "Sleepwalking" with New Track (premiere)

Photo: Christina Fallara

With "Sleepwalking", Austin-based trio Feverbones bring layers of hypnotic sound to the forefront.

When Austin music circuit veterans Abram Shook, Matthew Shepherd, and Christopher Cox first crossed paths in 2014, they had a fever in their bones that could only settle with collaboration. So, the trio of songwriters and instrumentalists got together to create that year's self-titled Feverbones LP. From then on, the collective has kept their penchant for madcap rhythm and lyrical eccentricity alive. That is as true as ever with the upcoming full-length, Dream Talk, coming out on 13 April via ATH.

Before Dream Talk's release, Feverbones is sharing the psychedelic reflections of "Sleepwalking". The hypnotic beat of the song builds into an intense collection of sound at the song's bridge before cycling back down into the laid-back vibe it emits near its beginning. It's certainly a compelling composition, and one utterly indicative of the sort of experimental layers that the trio tend to bring to their music. For those intrigued by their forthcoming release, fans can pre-order Dream Talk via Bandcamp.

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