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Film School - 11:11

PopMatters feature: "Indie-Rock Stripes"

As Lannon explains the creative process behind Film School's most recent album, I get a sense of the band's flexible songwriting dynamic: " '11:11' and 'On and On' - those songs were done as jams all at once. 'Sick of the Shame' was an idea Krayg had on guitar and then I put all this electronic shit behind it. 'Pitfalls' was a loop I had on my pedal, and we built it around that. 'Like You Know' started off as a country jam Justin was playing on acoustic, and we made it a ballad with heavy droning guitars over it. I tend to come up with stuff in the moment when all five of us are jamming or in my studio all alone. Justin and Krayg will have a chord progression. They'll bring it in to see if it works."

Film School -- 11:11

Over the Rainbow: An Interview With Herb Alpert

Music legend Herb Alpert discusses his new album, Over the Rainbow, maintaining his artistic drive, and his place in music history. "If we tried to start A&M in today's environment, we'd have no chance. I don't know if I'd get a start as a trumpet player. But I keep doing this because I'm having fun."

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