Photo: Marcella Ruiz Cruz / Courtesy of WMA Agency

filous and klei Team Up Again For an Acoustic Spin on “Bicycle” (premiere)

Trading in sun-washed synth beats and hum for acoustic guitar and sprightly keys, filous and klei's fun-loving nature shines through their new rendition of their hit single "Bicycle".

The production of “Bicycle” was an international affair, marking a collaboration between Austrian producer and remixer filous, British singer-songwriter klei, and Brisbane-based producer Golden Vessel. Initially dropped via Ultra Music last October, the song became a notable release in the 2018 dance music landscape. Now, filous and klei have teamed up once again to give “Bicycle” an acoustic spin.

Still retaining much of its original cool, the song thrives in a stripped-down landscape. The original composition’s sun-washed synth beats and hums are swapped for a mix of acoustic guitar and sprightly keys. Shot in vintage tones, the rendition’s accompanying music video denotes the journey that the artists had when performing their new arrangement. The fun-loving nature of the video shines on through their performance and the tune itself, ultimately producing something just as listenable as “Bicycle” in its original form, albeit for newfound reasons.