Findlay Brown Blankets Listeners in Sundown Serenity on "When the Lights Go Out" (premiere)

Photo: Alex Lake (Nettwerk Records)

In what he calls "a stream of consciousness", Findlay Brown ruminates on love and life on this sympathetically serene folk song.

Following in the footsteps of the likes of Joni Mitchell or Sarah McQuaid, Findlay Brown's "When the Lights Go Out" is a modern folk wonder set to Celtic tuning. It's a reflective piece of work, wherein the UK-based singer-songwriter philosophizes and ruminates on instances regarding love and life. Similar to its soothing lyrical outlook, the composition within which Brown lays his serene vocals is equally as tranquil. It's a folk tune blanketed in a calming nighttime stillness, immediately enveloping listeners in its nostalgic benevolence.

Brown tells PopMatters, "'When the Lights Go Out' is one of those streams of consciousness type of songs. The guitar is in a DADGAD tuning, and the chords and melody were inspired by that I think. The music put me in a meditative type state and made me reflective but not in a focused way more just conjuring up feelings and images."

"When the Lights Go Out" precedes the release of Brown's next full-length album, Not Everything Beautiful Is Good, set for release on 18 May via Nettwerk.

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