Photo courtesy of Auteur Research

Fine Points Get Sentimental, Campy With “The Fang” (premiere)

Brandon Moore directed video for Fine Points proves the best "horror" happens when ambition exceeds ability.

Hailing from San Francisco, Fine Points will release their sophomore LP later this summer. Produced by Grammy-winning Jason Carmer (Third Eye Blind, Billy Idol, Merle Haggard) and titled Take Shape the record features “The Fang” for which the band recently completed a video.

Shot entirely on VHS and with a budget that wouldn’t get most bands breakfast at a fast food joint, the clip is an ode to filmmaking in its most naïvely ambitious form. Inspired by memories of crafting homemade Halloween costumes and the kitsch/excitement/shameless product placement of Saturday morning cartoons, the members of Fine Points traveled back in time to their wild-eyed youth. Like the best horror (or “horror”) clips, the campiness of the quality, the way that ambition exceeds execution, the childlike wonder of the storyline and the reminder of all that lurks beneath the calm of suburban life, “The Fang” is as memorable for what it doesn’t do as what it does.

The song itself, the band members note, is an ode to a lost friend and serves as “an epitaph of magnified courage in the face of oppression or difficult odds”.