The Fleeting Ends Capture the Feeling of Being "20 Something" in a Psychedelic Song (premiere)

Photo courtesy of Noisy Ghost PR

Philadelphia's the Fleeting Ends are no strangers to psychedelia with their funky new indie rock video.

Seeing a consistent evolution in its lineup and musical output since their 2014 debut, the Fleeting Ends frontman Matt Vantine's joins forces with fellow artists Michael Kahana and Anthony DeSalvatore, Jr. for a psychedelic outlook on life for people in their 20s. Promptly titled "20 Something", the tune riffs off common themes of uncertainty in young adulthood with an astounding level of swagger and flair. While this trio is Vantine's latest iteration of the band, having only just come together in 2017, their chemistry is undeniable in that they are wholly capable of piecing together a shimmering stunner like this.

The music video brings the Philadelphia collective's audience to a whole other level of trippy that you'll just have to see for yourself. It works well with accommodating the persistent groove of the track, all married together by Vantine's punchy vocals throughout this erratic adventure through young adulthood. The chorus, one might find, is especially relatable.

Releasing on the same day as this video is the Fleeting Ends' brand new album, I Know You Lie Cos So Do I.

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