Fling Show Their Tender Side on "Je T'aime" (premiere)

Photo: Danny Payne

On new single "Je T'aime", Fling meld the classic '70s rock of the Faces with the pop nous of the Kinks and sprinkle it with the cosmic vibe of early Marc Bolan.

For a band who have made a name for themselves in their native Bradford and beyond with their brand of wonky, psychedelic rock, it is quite a surprise to hear Northern five-piece, Fling, return with a relatively stripped back mid-tempo number. On new single "Je T'aime" the band meld the classic 70s rock of the Faces with the pop nous of the Kinks and sprinkle it with the cosmic vibe of early Marc Bolan.

The change, although initially startling, shows a band with an ability to stretch themselves as songwriters. As the song shifts from classic acoustic strumming to hazy dream pop, frontman Charles McSorely's woozy vocals beautifully capture the mixture of yearning and confusion of initial attraction. The intoxicating rush of desire that comes from a sudden encounter with someone that enthralls and beguiles like no one else. The affectionate nature of the lyrics, therefore, perfectly suit McSorely's choice to flit between English and French.

With very little colourful window dressing, the band show they can match sentiment with attitude and feelings with unpredictability. By boldly varying their sound, the band have shown why next year's debut album, Fling or Die, could be one of the breakout albums of the year.

The band start their UK tour tonight. Dates below.


26th September: Thousand Island London
27th September: The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham
29th September: Brudenell Community Room, Leeds
6th October: Neighbourhood Festival, Manchester
12th October: The Poetry Club, Glasgow
13th October: Twisterella Festival, Middlesbrough
20th October: Swn Festival, Cardiff

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