Flying Buffaloes Tell the Tale of a "Lonesome Cowboy" (premiere)

Photo: Nick Yacovazzi

Flying Buffaloes offer up an easy combination of rock, country, and blues on their infectious new single, "Lonesome Cowboy".

"Lonesome Cowboy" is a single from the upcoming LP by Flying Buffaloes. Built upon Johan Stone's lead vocals and harmonica, the tune chronicles the individual's fight for satisfaction and survival. It's also inspired by Stone's own struggle to emigrate from Germany to the United States in order to fulfill his rock 'n' roll dreams.

Leaning into rock's roots and managing to incorporate bits of the blues and flecks of country, "Lonesome Cowboy" makes its case slowly, surely before kicking in the door and announcing itself as a blistering rocker, one sure to become one of Flying Buffaloes' signature tracks.

The group's LP, Loaded N' Rollin arrives 16 August.

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