Wild Photos of Foals from New York’s Terminal 5

At a Foals show, the crowd gets almost as wild as lead singer Yannis Philippakis does.

Foals’ 2015 album What Went Down came out in August and earned the band many positive reviews (though not so much here). But reviews of an album don’t impact how much fun a show is and as Foals loyal fans know, the band’s shows are a real blast.

Front man Yannis Philippakis is a wild one and he inspires fans to behave similarly, crowd surfing and, as one fan did, jumping from the stage. But of course, Philippakis one-upped them all as he took a leap from the second floor of Terminal 5 onto the outstretched arms of the audience during the encore of “Two Steps, Twice”. Photos of his leap, the band and the fans are below.


Snake Oil

Olympic Airways

My Number

Blue Blood


London Thunder

Spanish Sahara

Red Socks Pugie

Late Night

A Knife in the Ocean


[encore break]

Mountain at My Gates

What Went Down

Two Steps, Twice