Folk Soul Revival Celebrate the Tour Life with "That's Life" Video (premiere)

Photo: Stacie Huckeba

Americana outfit Folk Soul Revival's latest single is a riotous celebration of their fans and the connections they've made over the past decade of making music together.

It's all in the name for Folk Soul Revival. The southwest Virginia outfit has just released their new, self-titled album on 17 August. For the fourth consecutive time, they've expanded on their sound without abandoning their roots in the sizable melange of soul, folk, country, blues, rock, and bluegrass that they came riding in with in 2008. It's a surefire Americana sound that has continuously garnered the band acclaim wherever they may go, although all roads always lead back to their birthplace of Bristol. Folk Soul Revival's new music video for "That's Life" from off of the recent album release celebrates that wondrous tour cycle, brilliantly capturing their interactions with fans like lightning in a bottle.

Folk Soul Revival's lead singer, guitarist, and primary songwriter, Daniel Davis, tells PopMatters, "Jimmy Buffet's fans call themselves 'Parrotheads', Grateful Dead fans call themselves 'Deadheads', and Cody Jinks' fans call themselves 'Flockers'. Our fans call themselves 'The Congregation'. Our fans are the absolute key to our live shows taking on a life of its own. It's a real give and take situation. They're so devoted to having a good time that it's impossible for us not to get swept up in that good time. For the 'That's Life' video, we wanted to feature and tip our hats to them. The girl that shot and edited, Kayla Stroud, did a great job of actually capturing that interaction."

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