The Fourth Wall Find a Place for Clamor and Calm in "Circular Ruins" (premiere)

Photo: Eric Harrod

Portland's the Fourth Wall dream in high volume on the first track from their new album, Infinite Other.

"Circular Ruins" is the first track taken from the Fourth Wall's new album, Infinite Other. Fresh off obtaining a degree in philosophy, frontman Stephen Agustin here signals to Jorge Luis Borges' short story of the same name, about a place of healing and dreaming, and the cycle of creation. The Fourth Wall didn't shy away from heavy matters of the internal and externals worlds in their previous two albums, Motion and Rest (2012) and Lovely Violence (2015), and it doesn't appear that the Portland-based band (originally from Hawaii) intend to start now. "Circular Ruins" brings both the burying static and the resisting light as Augustin, guitarist Kasey Shun, bassist Chris Lau and drummer Andrew White carve out a place where clamor and calm coexist.

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