Fox and Bones

Soulful Americana Duo Fox and Bones Build Their “House By the River” (premiere)

Portland Americana group Fox and Bones take a turn into textured indie rock with their soulful new single, “House by the River”.

Fox and Bones are diving into a new sound with their new single, “House by the River”. Since the 2021 release of their last album, American Alchemy, the Portland duo have put thousands of more miles beneath their tires and feet while running a touring gamut throughout the US. The latest tune is being released on 25 May, the day before their 1,000th show, capping off their most recent circuit as they slip back into studio mode and plan for the 2024 Portland Folk Festival.

Capturing Fox and Bones’ recent growth in a song, “House by the River”, follows bands like Dawes from efforts in retro folk-rock into something a little more nascent. It’s a slow burn, building up with vibey, electric guitar melodies that accentuate Sarah Vitort and Scott Gilmore’s powerful vocals. The former’s resonant further than they ever have, and the latter shucks his characteristic growl for a gorgeous, smoother grit. Together, their tight harmonies make the heart of this uplifting and soulful indie rock tune.

Portland, Oregon, fans can see Fox and Bones perform live this Friday, 26 May, at Mississippi Studios with the Get Ahead and James Coates, backed up as a full band with the Quick and Easy Boys.