Fox and Bones Don a Dog Suit in "Little Animal" Music Video (premiere)

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Folk-pop duo Fox and Bones' "Little Animal" is a wistfully optimistic reflection on life made complete with the laughs and smiles from its accompanying video.

In anticipation of the forthcoming autumnal season, indie folk duo Fox and Bones are set to celebrate with their new single, "Little Animal". The jovial, clap-along tune is meant to be a reflection on life itself. Musically, it gets the job done by featuring sunny hooks and sweet shared vocals that never veer too hard from its pop basis. The duo invoke driving horns, clanging percussion, and lilting tinges of rhythmic strings that add a little bit of extra spice to proceedings. Especially when given its laugh and smile-inducing music video, it's just the right wistfully optimistic medicine to keep listeners moving as we shift from one season to the next

Fox and Bones' Sarah Vitort and Scott Gilmore tell us, "The concept of 'Little Animal' came to us during a particularly rigorous stretch of our 2017 European tour. While playing every night and simultaneously trying to write new songs, we were faced with the feeling that everything worth saying has already been said, though that doesn't make any of these sentiments untrue."

They go on to say, "Our goal as songwriters is to repackage the lessons we have learned and portray them in a new and interesting way. We were enamored with the concept that however much it feels like life was always the same, it is always changing. It has become a mantra of sorts for us, to appreciate how far we have come, even if it feels like life is moving in slow motion."

"With the 'Little Animal' video, we wanted something that showcased the quirky heart of this project. What better way than to don a dog costume and rile up some pups at the dog park."

"Little Animal" is from Fox and Bones' upcoming album, Better Land, set to be released this October. The single releases on 31 August.

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