Fox and Bones
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Fox and Bones Celebrate Love on Folk-Rock Anthem “Never Give Up on It” (premiere)

Folk-rock duo Fox and Bones celebrate an evergreen love on the anthemic, horn and harmony-driven “Never Give Up on It”.

Fox and Bones celebrate evergreen love in “Never Give Up on It”. During the early stages of the pandemic, the roots duo had to get crafty after losing their touring income for a nebulous amount of time. The result was “Our Custom Song”, a project that saw Fox and Bones’ Sarah Vitort and Scott Gilmore becoming songwriters-for-hire. They would write a personalized song for their client or their loved one through the service. The anthemic, horn and harmony-driven folk-rock of “Never Give Up on It” was inspired by the story of a friend’s parents. It’s a victorious commemoration of their romance and an uplifting new single for the duo.

Regarding the single and future releases, Fox and Bones say that they are excited to write more songs in this vein that harkens back to roots rock from John Mellencamp or Jackson Browne. The band’s image follows a vintage Americana strongly reflected in their recent releases. It’s somewhat of a departure from previous releases like “Little Animal”, with the throughline being an eternal optimism.

“Never Give Up on It” releases on 29 April.