Foxymorons - "Always Come Back" (video) (premiere)

The duo return with a video as charmingly haphazard and fun as their music.

The ever-lovable indie rock duo of David Dewese and Jerry James, most commonly known as Foxymorons, are back with a new album called Fake Yoga, which will be released on 6 November. A gonzo, and not to mention strangely funny video for the track "Always Come Back" has been pieced together in typically idiosyncratic fashion, and is well worth watching below.

"David currently lives in San Diego, California and I live in Fort Worth, Texas," says James. "And in addition to being bandmates, we're really good friends -- so we like to hang out when we can. That said, David was in town for a wedding so we met up in the Dallas suburbs during the waning days of summer (with David's nieces in tow) for some swimming, eating, and general goofiness. The video was shot in a very low-key, off-the-cuff way and documented an afternoon of band shenanigans. Incidentally, there was country line-dancing at the wedding which we sort of snuck in there. We are from Texas, after all."

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