Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Folkie Francesca Louise’s ‘Melancholic Antidote’ Is an Impressive Debut (EP stream + premiere)

London singer-songwriter Francesca Louise's debut EP, Melancholic Antidote, is glistening folk-pop that reflects on love and life goals.

Francesca Louise aims true beside such paragons as Joni Mitchell and Carole King on her debut EP, Melancholic Antidote. Tireless energy and an inclination towards developing timeless hooks, melodies, and messages leave lasting impressions from the rising singer-songwriter. The six songs of on her EP are stunning from head to toe, replete with inherently heartfelt and knowingly accessible folk-pop arranging that run head-and-shoulders above many of her contemporaries’ debuts.

At its center is a surprisingly powerful vocal instrument. Louise commands melodic runs on mid-tempo scorcher “If I’m Wrong” and belts an impressive crescendo on “Seasons Change”. A keenness for building approachable layers in her instrumental shifts makes for captivating musical moments. At its most palpably heartfelt moments, Louise strips her compositions back into beautifully modest refrains. Melancholic Antidote’s titular centerpiece features the artist at a piano and only that, delivering a gorgeous performance for listeners to explore and to paint their own narratives between the lines.

Rising into a pinnacle of cello, percussion, bass, and keys on “Out of Sight (Out of Mind)”, Louise marks herself as a modern folk artist of note with her resonant vocals and musicality. Capping things out, “You Don’t Love Me Know (Acoustic)” sees Louise at perhaps her most spirited, straight-shooting, and bittersweet, only stirring guitar tones set to accompany an empowered, vocal delivery.

The London singer-songwriter’s debut EP is set to launch on 25 July. It is available to pre-save now. On the album, Louise states, Melancholic Antidote is an exposition of my thoughts and feelings over the past three years This EP is as vulnerable as it gets for me. I’m giving myself wholeheartedly to the listener.”