Francisco Martin
Photo: Courtesy of Prospect PR

Francisco Martin’s “IF U NEED ME” Is a Feel-Good Acoustic Pop Anthem (premiere)

Francisco Martin’s “IF U NEED ME” is a feel-good slice of nostalgic pop/R&B where his romantic songwriting meets an emotive delivery.

Francisco Martin is a modern pop everyman. His romantic songwriting meets an emotive delivery and is accentuated by an easygoing charm like Gabe Bondoc and Harry Styles. The San Francisco native plays piano, guitar, drums, and a swath of other instruments. His music—including his viral hit, “Swollen”—is informed by the mix of singer-songwriters, rockers, and soul artists that he’d listened to with his family growing up. He describes it as songwriting that embraces “the beauty and vulnerability of self-expression”.

Martin’s heart-on-his-sleeve mentality has propelled past his art, as well. Recently, the singer-songwriter reflected on his mental health struggles. He writes, “My life is not all sunshine and rainbows. I’ve been going through a lot of emotional turmoil these last few months and have been struggling with anxiety and depression. I want to let you guys know that you aren’t alone.”

His new tune, “IF U NEED ME”, is a feel-good slice of nostalgic pop. Light synth tones pervade the acoustic strummer, with Martin’s smooth vocals commanding attention throughout its infectious arrangement. He opens up and soars on a chorus that ultimately boils down to a heartfelt declaration of loyalty to his friends and family. Its music video fittingly bursts with wistful charm, featuring the artist’s adventures in Venice Beach.

Martin says, “I wrote ‘IF U NEED ME’ when I was thinking about someone important to me, and I realized that no matter what was happening in my life and no matter what our relationship was like at that time if that person ever called me and said they weren’t doing well, I’d drop anything to be there for them. The song poured out of me. And now, as I listen, it’s become a universal song for anyone I care about.”