Freddie Foxxx: Crazy Like a Foxxx

Freddie Foxxx
Crazy Like a Foxxx
Fat Beats

Call him whatever you want, but one thing is for sure: Freddie Foxxx, a.k.a. Bumpy Knuckles, is one of New York’s most under-appreciated rappers. In the game since Eric B. was named president, Foxxx dropped his debut, Freddie Foxxx Is Here, in 1989. Since then, he rapped alongside the likes of KRS-One and Kool G Rap and planned on releasing Crazy Like a Foxxx, which was shelved for 14 years after labels refused to work with him. That is, of course, until now. This hardcore, gun-talk ridden album might sound dated, but considering its intended release date, you cannot help but be drawn to it. Straightforward anger-driven tracks like “Killa”, which features 2pac, and the ultra-violent “Can’t Break Away” are over-the-top but they share redeeming qualities that make them worth a listen. Foxxx also excels when he slows it down for “Meet Some Skins” and “Funk In Yo Brain”, both of which show his diversity on the mic. He might be at the top of his game as a pissed-off hood spitting heat, but he can craft some spells as a storyteller, too. While time will tell if this record reaches classic status, we can only hope it gives Foxxx the shine he so deserves, even if he does create most of his own problems.

RATING 8 / 10