Free Nelson MandoomJazz: The Organ Grinder

Leave it to a band like Free Nelson MandoomJazz to remind us that jazz and metal can be fused so easily.

Free Nelson MandoomJazz

The Organ Grinder

Label: Rare Noise
US Release Date: 2016-09-30
UK Release Date: 2016-12-02
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Scottish trio Free Nelson MandoomJazz drops a few hints of their sound just from their name. Though their music can't technically be classified as "free", it certainly allows for moments of exploration. Saxophonist Rebecca Sneddon brings the jazz and bassist Colin Stewart brings the doom; together -- with drummer Paul Archibald -- they write songs that balance sticky melodies with occasional over-the-top wailing. On The Organ Grinder, they are joined by trumpeter Luc Klein and trombonist Patrick Darley to further galvanize their already heavy brand of metal jazz. Just when you think Sneddon's skronking is holding center stage, Stewart steals your attention by playing notes so low that their pitches are barely discernible. One minute, you get an easy-going melody with the most minimal of stick work ("Funamble"), and then next, you get a ten-minute sprawl where Sneddon and Darley are feeling their way through the dark ("The Woods"). In between the extremes are Albert Ayler and doom metal caught in opposite ends of a hurricane. Whoosh!

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