Future Peers Transcend Preconceptions with "Didn't I Deny" (premiere)

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Future Peers' psychedelic new video for "Didn't I Deny" depicts the "anxiety-fueled adventure" of a mind blossoming beyond the judgment of others.

According to their Facebook biography, Future Peers are from, well, the future. With their avant-garde take on indie pop and rock sensibilities, it wouldn't be too much of a shock if they truly were. The potential time-travelers are currently settled in Toronto, although they bring the same dance-worthy electricity to every city they visit. Ahead of the 2 November release of their new EP, I'm Sorry, on Garment District, Future Peers are sharing their next single in the form of "Didn't I Deny".

Continuously evolving and shifting in sensibilities between infectious dance-pop and art rock grit, Future Peers effortlessly make their case as innovators of their craft known, never quite giving listeners an opportunity to believe otherwise as it is constantly taking new and exciting turns. Directed by Ryan Thompson, their music video is similarly emotive and captivating, celebratory and declarative in its stance against preconception.

Thompson tells PopMatters, "This video is a wild psychedelic odyssey, an anxiety-fueled adventure of a mind trying to exist beyond the preconceived perceptions of others. However, in order to do so, the mind must first make peace with the projections and constructs that others have created for it. Only then can it evolve beyond them, and transcend itself. Although we know ourselves within our own minds, how do we know who we really are beyond it?"

"Inspired by the frenetic and enthusiastic energy of the song, this video is both a fever dream of navigating the everyday confusion of who we think we are and a celebration of life-altering journeys into the center of one's mind."

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