Photo courtesy of Right Angle PR

Future Thieves Explore Life’s “Dark Spin” (premiere)

Nashville indie rock band Future Thieves draws inspiration from a local mystery in new video "Dark Spin".

Nashville’s Future Thieves has a new album on the horizon. The outfit’s self-titled record arrives on September 7. To prepare listeners, the group has issued a new video for the track “Dark Spin”, a soulful, synth-driven number which speaks to the outfit‘s cool, understated vibe.

Vocalist Elliot Collet explains that the video clip itself was inspired by a dark event that occurred just outside the band’s hometown in 1964. “There was a mother who was overcome with jealous of her daughter and is believed to have killed the girl while she was home from college,” he says. “There was a big cover up and lot of speculation as to who did it. We adapted it a bit to fit a theme for ‘Dark Spin’ and even roll over to our next single, ‘Prom Night’ and its video. When I wrote the lyrics I had in mind that we all have this moment in our life that takes us down a deep dark hole. This is an extreme example but some people come out of it and some people don’t. We thought we could combine the song with this story that our video director Preston Leatherman actually discovered and try and show how deep and dark some people can actually get in this part of their lives. It’s not a happy ending but it brings light to a darkness that is out there and very real.”

Director Leatherman adds, “I came across an article about that murder and read a book on it and became fascinated with the story and wanted to find some creative way to present it. From the moment I heard the song I knew it would be a perfect fit to bring that concept to life. This style and tone of the video is different than anything I have ever done so, I was ecstatic that the Future Thieves boys were down to push the envelope with me a little bit.”