FYKE's "Antisocial" Highlights Social Anxiety Disorder (premiere)

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With their melodious new single "Antisocial", LA pop band FYKE aims to raise awareness of those living with social anxiety disorder.

Shortly after debuting their first single, "Favorite Mistake", in 2017, FYKE began blazing trails as a rising pop band with an edge. Enveloping their smoothly-produced sound with elements of electronic and post-hardcore music, the LA-based quintet have made waves on international streaming charts and have been moving upwards since. With the advent of their forthcoming second full-length album, FYKE is making good on their intent to create music that spreads positivity towards and awareness of social issues. Produced by frontman Enik Lin, FYKE's aim with Disorder, Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 is to craft a hopeful collection of songs that combat stigmas held against mental illnesses.

Ahead of Disorder's 26 July release date, FYKE is premiering the music video for a new single with PopMatters. Entitled "Antisocial", the song's melodious hooks and undulating bass lines pull listeners in, but it's a frank message of feeling alone that keeps one intrigued. Lin's infectious energy sells it, owning the chorus in particular with a memorable falsetto.

Lin tells PopMatters, "'Antisocial' is about living with social anxiety disorder due to a past traumatic experience or PTSD. We're hoping that by highlighting and talking about these issues through our music, that we can begin a 'much needed' dialogue that needs to be had regarding mental health awareness."


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