Paris' Gabi Hartmann Updates the Chanson in "Always Seem to Get Things Wrong" (premiere)

Photo: Fiona Forte / Clandestine Label Services

Jesse Harris wrote and produced Parisian singer Gabi Hartmann's first single "Always Seem to Get Things Wrong". It's a moody and contemporary take on chanson.

"Always Seem to Get Things Wrong" is the first single from Parisian singer Gabi Hartmann and was written and produced by Grammy Award-winning songwriter Jesse Harris (Norah Jones) with new French lyrics from Hartmann. Recorded in Rio de Janeiro with legendary Brazilian musicians Dadi (Marisa Monte, Jorge Ben, Novos Baianos) and Marcelo Costa (Caetano Velsoso, Tribalistas), the song provides further testament to Harris' compositional genius and Hartmann's impossibly pure voice. Unencumbered by the trappings of contemporary pop music, her voice comes to the fore in the tune as she fully convinces us that she's lived the words she's singing. It's both familiar and incredibly new, one of those rare songs that stays with listeners from the first listen.

The accompanying video (directed by Charles Billot), was shot in New York City and is inspired by foreign films with subtitles alternating between the two tongues the singer employs on the track.

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