Gaelynn Lea Celebrates Dedication, Love Via "The Long Way Around" (premiere)

Photo: Paul Vienneau / Courtesy of Nick Loss-Eaton Media

The new single from folk violinist and vocalist Gaelynn Lea arrives on 27 September. Fans of Karen Dalton, Andrew Bird, and the British folk boom will want to hear "The Long Way Around".

"The Long Way Around" is the latest single from songwriter/violinist/vocalist Gaelynn Lea. Lea, who won NPR's 2016 Tiny Desk contest continues to be a consistent live draw on the major and minor roads of America. "The Long Way Around" spotlights her deeply lyrical violin playing and subtle, spare vocalist style. To date she has garnered comparisons to Karen Dalton and Andrew Bird but in truth there is no one quite like Lea: She finds the critical balance between sound and silence, heartbreak and hope and puts them all on display via this new single.

Lea says, "This song is about the relationships that take work but are worth it in the end. When we first meet kindred spirits, every interaction is colored by a magical sort of glow. But in our closest relationships, the ones that matter, we will eventually witness not only the best in each other, but also the worst. We can't hide our imperfections forever, and conflict is inevitable. What ultimately matters is how we get through these difficult times. If we are both able to bend, grow, and give each other grace... Then our relationships just might make it out the other side stronger than they were before."

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