Gardens & Villa Meditate on All That's "Rosie" (premiere)

Photo: Courtesy of the Planetary Group

Los Angeles indie rockers, Gardens & Villa pay homage to classic sci-fi and fantasy films on a stunning slab of psychedelic pop.

Gardens & Villa will be entering the studio to create more new music this year but for now the Los Angeles-based quartet brings a video for the song "Rosie". It's a gorgeous and psychedelic journey with lyrics that may or may not be about love or loss of love but the dreamlike state which the listener quickly slips into while the song works its charms makes understanding and interpretation irrelevant. Turn off your big brain and float downstream. This is Gardens & Villa and "Rosie" is a song but also a fully satisfying experience.

Speaking about the new video for the track, front man Chris Lynch says, "We made this video with a bunch of our friends, no budget, just a bunch of a fun crafts and dumpster diving. It was all shot on the Los Angeles River on a 100-plus-degree day in July and was inspired by The Dark Crystal and other '80s sci-fi fantasy movies."

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