Gasoline Lollipops – “Soul Mine” (audio) (premiere)

Gasoline Lollipops continue to innovate by melding folk sentiment with punk provocation.

With its barrage of influences, Americana can take many forms. Gasoline Lollipops exemplify this as the Denver-based band combines the unlikely forces of folk and punk into a singular sound.

That sound has brought them wide recognition throughout Colorado and the southwest following the release of their debut album, Resurrection, earlier this year. Already, they’re gearing up for their first vinyl release on 16 December for their latest single, “Soul Mine”.

Gasoline Lollipops frontman Clay Rose describes developing this tune “as digging in the ‘soul mine’, throwing out what’s no longer of value, polishing the gems that are, and occasionally striking a brand new vein of gold.”

The brooding, six-minute-long track acts as an anthem for the band moving into the new year. Not only is it thematically indicative of the changes the Gasoline Lollipops have gone through as they’ve found acclaim in the past year, but also of shedding the bad and embracing the good. It soars as much as it lingers, indicative of the ups and downs that the band went through together since their inception.

“This year has been one of hope, remorse, dark inventories, and the building of an unshakable foundation,” continues Rose. “‘Soul Mine’ reflects all these trials and tribulations with an intensity usually reserved for the angst of youth and heartbroken lovers. ‘Soul Mine’ is an urgent call to grow while staunchly refusing to ever grow up.”


Fri 10/20 Lost Lake (Denver, CO)

Sat 10/21 Stanley Hotel (Estes Park, CO)

Fri 10/27 Aggie Theatre (Fort Collins, CO)

Sat 12/16 Fox Theatre (Boulder, CO)