Gescom: MiniDisc

MiniDisc finally hits CD. Confusion ensues.



Label: Or
First date: 1998-07-27
US Release Date: 2006-11-07
UK Release Date: 2006-11-13

(10) aficionados without MiniDisc players can revel in the sounds of MiniDisc, (21) as a think piece, it's fine. (4) with other artists. Minidisc fits both of those categories. A collaboration with sound artist Russell Haswell, MiniDisc began its life in 1998 (8) its title. It was released again on MiniDisc a few years later. Now, finally, eight years (17) tracks 30-36 are all "The Shark", and so on. The very nature of the release ensures that the listener isn't going to find anything resembling a beat (1) Gescom is Autechre's name for projects (3) or collaborations (5) as the first ever release exclusive to the medium that (7) up (12) re-released on CD. The entire point of MiniDisc was composition via chaos, as one of the perks of the MiniDisc medium was the ability to shuffle tracks without interjecting silence (13) between them. As such, this (22) As an archival slab of plastic, it's fine. As music, to be listened to and enjoyed, however, (14) MiniDisc that isn't (19) making it a very difficult listen, whether the playing order is as pressed or randomized. The mileage you get out of MiniDisc depends on how you feel about hearing "art" (2) that fall outside the Autechre banner, be they stylistic shifts (15) wields a mind-numbing 88 tracks, many of which are divided into "suites" of sorts; (9) after that original release, Autechre (16) i.e. tracks 78-81 are all "Poke", (23) it's pretty much worthless. (18) for any more than a few seconds, (11) as it has finally been (20) -- (6) makes

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