Ghost Against Ghost – “still love” (audio stream) (premiere)

The progressive rock project led by composer Christopher Bono channels both vintage and modern sounds on their new EP.

Helmed by neoclassical composer Christopher Bono and featuring Mercury Rev guitarist Anthony Molina and former the Mars Volta drummer Thomas Pridgen, progressive rock project Ghost Against Ghost will be releasing the new EP still love in November. Featuring the 17-minute title track, the band combine elements of Pink Floyd, Anathema, and Vangelis, making for a sound that’s both vintage and modern at the same time. You can hear it all on the special five-minute excerpt of the track below.

“The still love EP is the first in a series of Ghost Against Ghost releases centered around the theme of heartbreak, betrayal, and the struggle for resolution, acceptance and understanding,” Bono explains. “The series of EPs leading up to a full length represent my attempts to reconcile a personal tragedy and process the trauma through music. For all the releases to be included in this upcoming five-month series I collaborated with drum prodigy Thomas Pridgen.

“At the time, I was inspired to concoct symphonic walls of sound from analog synths and merge them with the monolithic beats that Thomas so uniquely produces on acoustic drums. It resulted in a heavy, yet colorful blend of synth driven post-rock.”

Pre-order still love at iTunes.