Giorgio Moroder – “Right Here, Right Now (feat. Kylie Minogue)” (audio)

Those still wishing to lose themselves to dance through Giorgio Moroder's music, fear not: the disco legend is back with a brand new tune, as well as his first album in 30 years.

Is 74 Is the New 24? Well, the world is about to find out, as it’s the name of the first record in 30 years by the Italian electronic dance music pioneer Giorgio Moroder. Two years ago, on Daft Punk’s hugely successful Random Access Memories, the world was reacquainted (and many were newly acquainted) with the legendary producer and musician through the song “Giorgio by Moroder”, a disco tune over which Moroder tells the story of his early days as a musician. With 74 is the New 24, he’ll have even more of a chance to tell his story. The first track made available from the LP is “Right Here, Right Now”, which features the lovely pipes of the Australian singer Kylie Minogue.

The audio of “Right Here, Right Now” can be heard below (a teaser for the track’s upcoming music video can be watched at this link):

74 Is the New 24 will be released in spring 2015 by RCA.