Gizelle Smith Is a Funk Soul Queen on "Dust" (premiere)

Photo: Nico Pancorvo (Green Gab PR)

Manchester's Gizelle Smith is your new favorite soul queen as she lights up the irresistible funk on "Dust".

Manchester's Gizelle Smith is a true creative who grew up immersed in soul music sounds and began her musical efforts as a composing music for theatre productions and playing trumpet in big bands. From those roots, Smith then earned a master's degree in film music and started singing soul and funk. Given her energy and drive, I wouldn't count Smith out as a future film composer of note, but for now she's lighting up the soul circuit with her wondrous voice and neo-soul/funk grooves.

On "Dust", Smith's multi-tracked vocals, the superb instrumental backing, punchy horns, and slick rhythm guitar combine to form a funk anthem. It's a true gem of a single that could light the way for Smith's career.

Smith's new album Ruthless Day releases 30 March via Jalapeno Records. You know you need more great funk in your life.

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