Gláss - "Glass(-accent)" (audio) (premiere)

Gothic post-punk meets surf rock on this searing new track.

Athens, Georgia band Gláss offer a unique take on classic gothic post-punk on their debut album, which is due out in early 2016. While the minimalist power of Joy Division looms over the trio's music like a specter, they add a very strong surf rock and punk aesthetic, and that combination of darkness and energy creates a potent dynamic on the cheekily titled track "Glass(-accent)", which you can hear below.

"This song is probably the most clearly evocative of what the rest of the record explores: the lack of and need for contentment," explains guitarist Aáron Burke. "I’ve always sought out routine, yet have been constantly thwarted by lack of consistent locality. I moved across the Atlantic, from Scotland to America, just four years ago, and this was after a childhood of much back-and-forth between the UK and Ireland. For a long time I couldn’t enjoy myself because of the insistent nagging of never feeling comfortable where I was. And that’s rough. The record is spacey and distant and sounds like longing. I’ve got a lot to miss and I’ll eventually go home. But for now, you can hear what it sounds like to not really know where that is."

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