Gnaw Proves That You Needn't Shout to Be Extreme Via "Prowled Mary" (premiere)

Photo by Samantha Marble, Courtesy Perfect World PR

Gnaw's new video from new LP, Cutting Pieces, solidifies the group's reputation as one of the more inventive acts in extreme music.

"Prowled Mary" is the new video from Gnaw's Cutting Pieces, released 27 October via Translation Loss. (The video is produced by Sean M Sullivan, Adam Drawdy, and Alan Dubin.) Here, Gnaw demonstrates that sometimes the most extreme place to go is down; the vocals are just at the level of whisper, the music itself a faint, disturbing phantom which lurks at the edge of audibility, asking the listener to imagine a darker, more disturbing rendition of Tom Waits' "What's He Building?" Does the piece become more or less disturbing when one takes into account the visuals? Terror, as the saying goes, is in the eye of beholder but the "Prowled Mary" clip doesn't disappoint.

Gnaw's Alan Dubin says, "that song is sort of the odd man out on the Cutting Pieces album. Even though it's not ferocious noisy metal like most of the other songs, it's probably the creepiest. It has some strange instrumentation including an actual chain-link fence and electric congas but I think it's the cello that really adds to the eerie vibe. The video was filmed and put together by the team of Sean M Sullivan and Adam Drawdy who's experimental video work we've admired for a long time now."

With Cutting Pieces making its way onto various streaming services and retail venues, the group has also finished an EP slated for release in 2019. Perhaps inspired by the arrival of new member, Robin Fowler (drums, Pants Exploder), writing sessions have already begun for the next Gnaw full-length.


11/17 Gnaw, Microwaves, The Hammer Party & Kingdom Hell @ Dusk, Providence, RI

11/18 Gnaw, Microwaves, Chaser & Zvi @ Ceremony224 , Brooklyn, NY

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