Gold Casio Radiates with the Shimmering Sounds of "Sinners" (premiere)

Photo: Heather Hanson (Noisy Ghost PR)

Portland dance quartet Gold Casio present the simple idea of accepting and loving oneself in a profound way on "Sinners".

Standing tall among the likes of MisterWives and Coldfeet, rising dance quartet Gold Casio is intent on giving disco a good name in the 21st century. The Portland-based group have been thriving within the realm of new electronic thrills, with another new collection of songs coming in the near future to encapsulate their story so far with Sinners.

Prior to the release of the six-track EP, Gold Casio is premiering a brand-new song with PopMatters. The title track "Sinners" is a deep reflection on the idea of liberating oneself from social judgments and embracing self-acceptance. The band's Ela Ra goes on to say just as much, stating, "'Sinners,' explores the profound sensations of radical self-acceptance and redemption through an evaluation of our human capacity and capability to choose Love."

Alongside its inspiring theme, the song is an ethereal bop. Listeners will be wowed by its shimmering, full-bodied production as Ra skates across the track with incredible vocal finesse just as much as they will be by the empowering message at its core. If you like what you hear, you can pre-order Sinners prior to its 20 April premiere now via Freakout.

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