Goldfrapp - "Anymore" (Ralphi Rosario Tek Vocal Mix) (premiere)

Goldfrapp drop a hot new remix of their hit "Anymore" that's destined for clubs the world over.

Earlier this year Goldfrapp released their latest album Silver Eye and it's one of the finest records in their catalogue as it's full of sonically powerful songs, some for the dancefloor and some for relaxed listening, but all right on target. Chris Gerard said it best: "Silver Eye amps up the energy significantly on certain tracks, while others delve into slow-burning and darkly cinematic grandeur, a desperate quest through the labyrinthine depths of a distant and imposing frozen planet somewhere in a forgotten corner of the universe."

"Anymore" was the LP's first single and it's a dancefloor banger rich with synthpop majesty that recalls other major Goldfrapp hits like "Strict Machine", "Ride a White Horse", and "Ooh La La". It's an early pick for the year's best singles list, and today we have a special treat in the form of a Ralphi Rosario remix of "Anymore". Whereas the original tune is a bejeweled, shiny, and maximalist form of dance-pop, equally at home on blasting car stereos, headphones, and clubs, Rosario's remix goes fully for the club crowd, adding in more electronic elements, swooshes, and fades, but it also highlights the catchy melody by drawing out the passages with electronic exploration. This remix should be huge this year.

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