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The Goldwyn Experiment Continue Episodic Music Video Series with “Sad Boy Summer” (premiere)

The latest single from the Goldwyn Experiment's new LP, "Sad Boy Summer" is the slick, guitar-laden soundtrack to a metropolitan caper.

Born and raised in the Republic of Mauritius, the Goldwyn Experiment’s titular frontman, Goldwyn Thandrayen, headed from his home country to the States after graduating high school to study jazz in Florida. His artistic exploits have since seen him lay his hat in Glasgow, New York City, and Montreal, the latter of which he has crafted a name for himself as the lead vocalist and guitarist of rock band Psychocide. Now, Thandrayen is readying himself for the release of his first full-length album under the Goldwyn Experiment moniker, called Avenue B. Releasing on 5 November, the album feels like an amalgamation of the sounds he’s developed thus far in both jazz and rock, with blues and hip-hop influences blended in for good measure.

Since garnering a taste for developing cinematic experiences in music videos through his work with Psychocide, Thandrayen is now translating what he’s learned to his namesake project. He is doing so in the form of an ongoing episodic series which pieces itself together as a short film to narrate the story that he wishes to convey through Avenue B. Featuring the bars from GUEST and Tommy “Atomic” DiRocco, “Sad Boy Summer” is the latest single to be released from the Goldwyn Experiment’s forthcoming LP and the sixth episode overall in their overarching video series. In it, we are told the story of a heist and the antics that ensue thereafter, the song itself offering a slick, guitar-laden end-of-summer soundtrack to the metropolitan caper.