Photo: Sam Gehr / Courtesy of Clarion Call Media

Good Witch Explore the Frustration of the Predictable via “Shake You Loose” (premiere)

Good Witch deliver one hell of a performance on "Shake You Loose" from their upcoming EP, Double Life.

Good Witch is the musical collaboration between singer Rose Shawhan and producer Raymond Richards, known for his work with Local Natives and Avid Dancer. The Los Angeles-based outfit summons comparisons to Lykke Li, Garbage, and others with its blend of swagger and ease, rock and pop. The outfit delivers its latest single, “Shake You Loose”, on September 14 in advance of its Double Life EP due on November 2.

“Shake You Loose” touches on Good Witch’s ability to walk the line between the tough and tender with Shawhan delivering one of her most brilliantly honest performances over a track that will remind some of Love and Rockets or a lighter Bauhaus.

“That song is about an inappropriate crush,” the singer notes. “It’s something fun to think about; it’s something to do. The song is me scolding myself for doing this predictable, silly thing, maybe an admonishment to act like a grown up. But maybe I don’t really want to be a grown-up. Maybe people don’t want to give up their vices. Maybe sometimes it’s just fun to feel a feeling for a little while, even if you know it’s wrong.”

Speaking about the EP, Shawhan said, “I’ve been working with Raymond for years, so when he moved to Portland, I knew I was going to have to make my next record there. In June and October of 2017, we recorded Double Life at B-Side Studios in SE Portland, with Raymond playing most of the guitar and bass parts, and these amazing local musicians playing drums, piano, vibraphone, whatever else we needed. We recorded strings and backup vocals in LA, so the record to me feels rooted in both LA and Portland, with friends old and new all over it.”

She adds that the title has a significance that goes beyond the music itself. “The title refers to me being a Gemini, but also the contrast between my public and private faces, what people think of me, and who I actually am.”

Double Life, out November 2, may be ordered here.