gP. Gets in a Carnal Mood With "Tape You" (premiere)

Photo courtesy of Jesea Lee PR

The new gP. track "Tape You" features Matt Fazzi (Taking Back Sunday, Rare Futures) and is culled from upcoming EP, sex industry folklore.

"Tape You" is the new single from gP. and features Matt Fazzi (Taking Back Sunday, Rare Futures) on piano, synth and vocoder. It's not only his presence that makes the tune a delightful slab of vintage funk but it doesn't hurt either. Culled from the upcoming EP sex industry folklore, "Tape You" adds more than a little of the carnal to your playlist while never losing sight of the almighty groove.

Vocalist Justin Bonifacio says, "Sometimes sex can be unpredictable. Sometimes the sex can be boring. Sometimes drugs are involved. Sometimes the girl keeps a knife in the freezer so the blade can be cold when she pulls it out in the heat of the moment. Sometimes the sex is just so wild, you have to pull out a camera and film it so you can watch it together later. This is what 'Tape You' is all about."


11/15 - Fresno, CA @ Full Circle Brewing

11/16 - San Jose, CA @ O'Malley's (w/ Convey of Revival Recordings)

11/18 - Sacramento, CA @ The Boardwalk (w/ Convey of Revival Recordings)

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