Philadelphia's Grandchildren Get Autobiographical on New, Self-Titled Album (album stream) (premiere)

Jedd Beaudoin
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Forged from elements of pop, electronica, and folk, Grandchildren create a mysterious brand of music that's thoughtful and uplifting without sacrificing substance or gravitas.

Grandchildren's new self-titled album is a kind of diary that moves through the couple's nearly decade-long existence. Comprised of songwriter Aleks Martray and frontwoman Shari Bolar, Grandchildren charts their own evolution via seven songs. The material is ultimately "harmonic conversations about their past, present and future", forming "a narrative of both love and longing" and much more.

Forged from elements of pop, electronica, and folk, the Philadelphia-based group create a mysterious brand of music that is thoughtful and uplifting without sacrificing substance or gravitas. One can hear this throughout the new LP, Grandchildren, a story that is both personal and universal. Grandchildren releases this Friday, 1 February.


2/21/19 - Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Bazaar

02/22/19 - New York City, NY - Pianos

03/01/19 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda's

03/06/19 - Norfolk, VA - Taphouse

03/07/19 - Charleston, SC - Tin Roof

03/08/19 - Atlanta, GA - Union Eav

03/09/19 - Birmingham, AL - Trim Tab Brewery

03/10/19 - New Orleans, LA - Santos

03/14/19 - Austin TX - SXSW Music Festival

03/16/19 - San Antonio, TX - Imagine Fest

03/18/19 - Hot Springs, AR - VOV Music Festival

03/21/19 - Raleigh, NC - Pour House

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Jedd Beaudoin

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