On "Time Again", Greg Jacquin's Offers a Lamentation Steeped in Nostalgia (premiere)

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In a mournful, wistful new single predating the February release of Clocks Slow Down, Greg Jacquin opens up, reflecting on a turbulent past.

"When I was a kid my birthday parties were always canceled because of snow. I was born in January," says Greg Jacquin. The singer-songwriter has spent much of his life with music at its center, a steady marker amidst the turbulence. Born in Tarrytown and an active contributor to the Hudson River folk scene, the New York artist's plaintive Americana stylings blossom throughout "Time Again". The mournful track maintains a wistful sentiment as Jacquin looks back on the difficulties that his past has offered him, flourishing in an ebullient, roots-centric swirl of instrumentation paired beside his own captivating, subtle grit.

Jacquin continues, telling PopMatters, "I remember always being so disappointed when my mom told me that my friends weren't coming. So later in life, when my marriage fell apart, I was estranged from my kids, got injured on the job and suffered from post-traumatic stress, anxiety, and depression. I would remember that sad feeling that I got when I was a kid, and it snowed on birthday."

"Time Again" features on Jacquin and his band's newest collection of songs, entitled Clocks Slow Down. The album is set for release on 15 February.

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