Photo courtesy of Perpetual Media Relations

Greg Laswell and Molly Jenson Cover the Verve’s “Lucky Man” (premiere)

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Greg Laswell teams up with Molly Jenson to give the classic Verve hit "Lucky Man" a folksy makeover.

Greg Laswell’s music has found itself at home with all manner of listeners. Those who appreciate sincerity, the metaphorical, and the mysterious have flocked to songs like “Comes and Goes (In Waves)” to “Dodged a Bullet” throughout his over two-decades-long musical career. He struck gold when investing in his foremost inspirations on 2009’s Covers, and now he’s at it again with the forthcoming Covers II. Out on 13 September, the album sees Laswell taking on a new set of cover songs, this time ranging between artists like PJ Harvey, Depeche Mode and Röyksopp.

“Lucky Man” is the newest release from the upcoming album and sees Laswell joining forces with Molly Jenson to cover the Verve’s hit single. The LA singer-songwriter renovates the song not by removing it from the atmospheric haze of the original, but re-acclimating it towards a folk bent. Subtle, spacey synth and percussion drive the arrangement as Laswell and Jenson share a gracious duet. Jenson’s sweetness lends itself well to Laswell’s approach towards the song, wherein she acts as a conscious reminder of his worth.


Laswell says, “‘Lucky Man’ has been one of my favorite songs since Urban Hymns came out in 1997. But here’s the thing, I know that I am a very lucky man, cosmically so. But I often don’t feel so, which has to do with…well, who knows what? Certainly not reason. Anyway, having Molly sing the chorus alone back at me just felt right. And I wanted to be told that I was a lucky man in a song, and I wanted to disagree throughout the entire song, until the very end.”

Directed by Nicole Martin, its music video offers a reflective visual presentation that speaks true to this message, as well.